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Saturday, 04 April 2020

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M.J.P. Supplies is a company set up in 2005 mainly for the purpose of importing and selling Algifol™ products to farmers and growers of specialist crops including potatoes, vegetables, fruit, flowers and nursery stock. It is part of A Palmer & Son which is a family farm in the fenlands of East Anglia of which I am the third generation specialising in growing a range of quality crops such as potatoes, soft fruit, cereals, sugar beet and some flowers.

About MJP Supplies

We belive in producing a top quality product that can be enjoyed by anyone. We do this by selling some potatoes and soft fruit through Spalding Farm Shop situated at Surfleet near Spalding which is owned by other family members. The repeat custom we get is testament to what we are trying to achieve. We have always been strong believers in the use of trace elements on the farm to enable us to produce top quality produce and when the opportunity came along to try Algifol™ for the first time we didn't hesitate. From the first time we tried it we were pleased with the results of improved quality in the potato crop as we had more saleable yield and less waste. We soon used it on our soft fruit and other crops with incredable results.

In the first year I sold to farmers and growers local to myself with many doing their own trials, and with very good results all of them used more the next season. This enabled me to build a larger customer base further a field and also talk to some other salesmen and agronomists. I am in talks with some of the larger Agronomic supply companies at the moment about them stocking and selling for me, as it is not possible to visit and sell to every grower in the country. I would like to note that I make every effort to find time to talk to or visit anyone who would like more information on anything regarding Algifol™ or related products. If you need information on something not covered in this website don't hesitate to contact me.

The following information on this website will explain more about Algifol™ and what it is.


Marcus Palmer, MJP Supplies.