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Water Tanks

Advice and Guidance on Water Tanks

  • LAMMA 2016

    Last years stand Last years stand

    LAMMA 2016 is getting closer and we are looking forward to meeting our customers there in hall 7 stand 788. LAMMA is the main agricultural show of the year with the largest display of machinery and exhibitors
    We will be there ready to advise our customers on our range of Algifol products and how they will best help in any individual situation
    Our range of storage solutions is as popular as ever and any questions regarding storing liquids can be sorted
    We hope to have a new powered wheel barrow which we can attach our application range to along with many other ideas
    With current legislation tightening up on grandfather rights many people will be thinking taking tests with application equipment so we can supply you with the correct PPE as well as any new equipment. Our specially priced knapsack sprayer is exceptional value for money at just £40.00 plus VAT
    we hope to see you all there

  • Special offer on 10,000 water tanks

    may 2015 025 A special offer on 10,000 litre water tanks is currently available from mjpsupplies for a limited time only . With the current dry conditions across much of the country at the moment more farmers and growers are looking at ways to store their own water that they collect from roofs through filters to remove any debris that can cause blockages in sprayers or irrigation equipment. We also now that rainwater is better for spraying agrochemicals  as it improves the efficacy of many chemicals especially glyphosate. Many growers are using water softeners but they can save money by harvesting their own rainwater which dosn't require softening. Most farms will have extensive roof area that will accommodate these systems and we can supply tanks from 1,000 litres up to 30,000 litres. If anyone requires more storage we can connect multiple tanks together. We also have an extensive range of outlets to suit most customers needs.

    All of our tanks are rotationally moulded  as a one piece tank. At no stage is the roof removed and screwed back on. A carefully programmed manufacturing process ensures maximum wall thickness at the base where its most needed. Enduramax tanks are all backed up by a 10 year warranty for peace of mind.

    For customers on water meters there is a big saving to be had by collecting and storing their own free water and with improved usage of chemicals the investment soon pays back.

    Contact us for your exact requirements at MJP Supplies

  • Productivity in farming

    Productivity in farming is of course a major area of focus, and according to the Financial Times, one UK farmer is relying on satellite imagery to help with fertiliser administration.  Looking at images of his Hampshire farm, the darker blue pools indicate where there needs to be more fertiliser used, whilst the yellow areas indicate where less fertiliser is required.

    As a result, yields on the farm are up 3-4 per cent and the farms fertiliser bill is down 5 per cent.  However, although the UK has some of the world’s highest yields for arable farming, wheat yields have failed to improve over the past decade and approaches such as satellite imaging could be one such tool to help leverage that much sought after increase. There is also the area of Bio-stimulants as in Algifol that can help push yields even higher by stimulating the plants ability to scavenge for nutrients and water and therefore make better use of applied fertiliser, this is another way of saving money by not wasting money down the drain as less nitrogen is likely to leach away from the root zone.

    Liquid fertiliser tanks are another method that might help farmers increase their margins.  Enduramaxx liquid fertiliser tanks enable bulk buying and the storage of large volumes of pre-mixed fertilizer.  For information on storing liquid fertiliser and the Enduramaxx range of plastic water tanks, including potable water tanks,Call MJP Supplies now 



    With nearly 750 million people throughout the world having no access to clean drinking water or improved sanitation, World Water Day, which took place on Sunday 22nd March, raised awareness that a secure water world is emerging as a top human development priority in the post-2015 Development Agenda.  The theme of water and sustainable development emphasises how water is an essential asset to all aspects of life, including livelihood, health, economy and environment.  Ensuring access to water will ensure progressive efforts to reduce poverty, build peace and to give practical transformative effect to sustainable development goals, according to Aid Forum.

    As well as the 750 million people with no access to clean water, 2.5 billion people have no access to adequate sanitation.  500,000 children die each year from diarrhoea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation and women tally up over 200 million hours across the world each day collecting water, time which could be better spent on income-generating jobs or attending school.

    Developing countries also face many of the same problems over water quality and supply including; poor access to water supply, poor water resource management and poor water productivity in the agricultural sector.  The last factor is something that mjpsupplies  is striving to help farmers to improve and that is with the help of dedicated rainwater harvesting solutions.

    Enduramaxx rainwater tanks capture roof rainwater run-off.  Large volume horizontal and vertical tanks store rainwater safely due to a very rugged single piece mould of uv-stabilised polyethylene.  To find out more about rainwater tanks and the extended range of Enduramaxx tanks call MJP SUPPLIES




    Farmers in the South of England could be facing immediate restrictions on water, according to Farmer’s Weekly, even though May presented itself as the wettest month for two years.  After a recent National Farmers Union water resource group meeting with the Environmental Agency, questions have been raised on the sense of European Farming rules, in particular, the Water Framework Directive, and the potential threat to water supplies in the south of England.

    Taking control of your own water supplies is becoming increasingly more attainable though, especially when you consider a number of new products available to farmers.  To begin with, farmers can now make the very best of space available to them by installing, not only vertical rainwater tanks/water storage tanks, but the new Enduramaxx 22,000 litre low-profile horizontal water storage tank.  These water tanks sit at an unobtrusively low 2600mm, holding masses of rainwater at optimal conditions for when required.  Enduramaxx also supplies the UK’s largest rotationally-moulded polyethylene plastic water tank, which enables farmers to store up to 30,000 litres of rainwater.

    Another new product for farmers and spray contractors in particular comes in the shape of the Enduramaxx ‘The Ultimate Clean Water Supply Pack’.  It’s based around the hugely popular Enduramaxx horizontal plastic water tanks.  Fitted with a pump, this solution supplies clean water for livestock, watering applications and spraying, taking your reliance further away from mains water.

    To learn more about the Enduramaxx range of water storage tanks, rainwater tanks and plastic water tanks, click here




    We’ve read a lot in the press about the mishandling of waste water recently, with companies facing stiff fines for waste water finding it’s way into water systems.  Introducing the Enduramaxx 30,000 litre vertical storage tank.  This high capacity water tank means that waste water, as well as rainwater and liquid fertiliser, can be kept safe in a very rugged, ribbed-designed UV-stabilised polyethylene structure.

    For those wishing to store large volumes of water and other liquids at lower level, we have just launched our Enduramaxx 22,000 litre low profile tank.  A horizontal tank that boasts all of the rugged design features you will see in other Enduramaxx tanks, but this horizontal tank sits at just 2600 mm high.

    Whether you are buying for agricultural, commercial, domestic, horticultural, industrial or irrigation purposes, there is an Enduramaxx tank to suit your requirements.  To speak to a member of our team and for more information on our vertical storage tanks, horizontal tanks, cone bottom tanks, water tanks and sprayers,

  • Rainwater Harvesting Tanks and Liquid Fertiliser Tanks For Increased Fertility

    Teagasc/GIIL which monitors Irish farms has highlighted an importance of fertility in terms of both cows and soil.  The longer cows are milking during the grass-growing season, the better.  Three such plastic tanks that can contribute to the fertility of cows and grass are liquid fertiliser tanks, molasses tanks and rainwater harvesting tanks.

    Enduramaxx Rainwater Harvesting Tanks are a great addition to any farm to ensure that free water is captured and stored for animal watering, crop watering and general cleaning.  Available in sizes from 400 litres to 25000 litres, these one-piece tanks do not corrode, are impact-resistant and are long lasting.

    The Enduramaxx range of molasses tanks are heavy duty rotationally-moulded and UV stabilised to store valuable molasses to feed animals throughout the year, ensuring cows are as fertile and productive as possible when it counts.  Available in sizes from 5000 to 25000 litres, there is a molasses tank for all sizes of farm.

    Enduramaxx Liquid Fertiliser Tanks ensure that you have an adequate supply of fertiliser throughout the growing season.  Available in sizes right through to 25,000 litres, you will also make cost savings through the ability to bulk buy.

    For more information on Rainwater Harvesting Tanks, Liquid Fertiliser Tanks and our wider range of vertical rainwater tanks, cone tanks and vertical tanks, please get in touch.

  • Rainwater Harvesting Tanks Part of Big Brand Water and Energy Usage Strategy

    According to Energy Live Times some of the biggest brands are helping to tackle water and energy use together in the UK.  Nokia, Nestle, Boots, Baxter Healthcare, Tata, Crown Paints and Sainsbury’s are amongst other major companies to have signed up to a framework to manage water and energy use simultaneously.

    Research released by the Water Footprint Network and sustainability specialists, Anthesis, suggests that there is a danger of seeing water and carbon footprints separately, as increasing demand for water places pressure on energy usage.

    The framework puts forward some examples where the two combine, such as refrigeration and air con systems, which use rainwater harvesting, or establishing an energy team to analyse and identify water and energy savings at the same time.

    For more information on rainwater harvesting tanks, rainwater tanks, potable and vertical water tanks please get in touch.

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