Thursday, 22 August 2019
Thursday, 22 August 2019

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Algifol for Potatoes

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Quick Overview

Achieves Amazing results by:

  • Developing stronger roots and a larger root mass.

  • Building a high resistance against cold, drought and heat.

  • Protecting from effects of stress from insects.

  • Reducing the amount of irrigation water needed.

  • Improving tast and appearance of fruit and vegetables.

  • Assisting plant development in critical growth stages.

Algifol for Potatoes

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A seed treatment of 0.5 litre per one hectares worth of seed is recommended for early and uniform emergence of the crop resulting in better root growth and quicker canopy cover. This is particularly useful in suppressing weeds and retaining moisture in the ridges. Algifol™ can help against the effects of PCN infestations still providing a good yield.

Apply 1 litre per hectare in the early stages of growth to boost root growth and build up the immune system of the plants and increase green leaf area quickly. Early applications also help to reduce the effects of any early frosts.

Apply a second application of 1 litre per hectare at tuber initiation to help the plant maintain the tubers and improve nutrient uptake at this crucial stage of growth. We recommend you pull a root up to check this stage which is usually just prior to flowering.

A third application of 1 litre per hectare can be made at approximately 4 weeks prior to burning off which may be earlier than normal due to the increased size and yield obtained by using Algifol™.

In extreme conditions of drought or wet periods a further application of 1 litre per hectare is beneficial to help the plant’s natural defence mechanism. This enables the crop to still produce good quality produce for the market place it is destined for.

Algifol™ can be incorporated with all blight sprays making application easy and cost effective. For seed treatment Algifol™ can be applied at planting time either by Knapsack sprayer or watering can.

Scientific evidence suggests that chemicals from seaweeds can influence plant growth and help in the defence against attack by pests and pathogens. Chemicals which may be involved include: Cytokinins, Auxins and Betains. Data shows that seaweed extracts will not provide total control of nematodes, however when integrated into a program with other forms of control seaweed extracts may play a significant role in plant protection as well as offering other benefits such as higher yields and better quality produce.

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