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Thursday, 22 August 2019

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Algifol for Fruit & Veg

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Quick Overview

Achieves Amazing results by:

  • Developing stronger roots and a larger root mass.

  • Building a high resistance against cold, drought and heat.

  • Protecting from effects of stress from insects.

  • Reducing the amount of irrigation water needed.

  • Improving tast and appearance of fruit and vegetables.

  • Assisting plant development in critical growth stages.

Algifol for Fruit & Veg

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Algifol™ applied to seedlings prior to planting out will help to reduce transplanting shock getting the plant off to a healthy start. Algifol™ can be applied by diluting 1 litre in up to 1000 litres of water or as much is necessary to treat sufficient plants for 1 hectare.

The root system is greatly improved which helps the uptake of essential nutrients and soil moisture. This gives a better survival rate in dry or unfavourable conditions and added frost protection in early planted crops.

To keep plants healthy through the growing season 1 litre of Algifol™ per hectare applied 2 to 3 times with other pesticides or fungicides is proven to improve the synergistic effects and help build up immunity against pest and disease attacks. As with other crops Algifol™ also boosts yields whilst maintaining a top quality product with the added bonus of improved taste and a longer self life, which is more important with fresh vegetables.

Algifol™ is very safe to use right up to harvesting making it very useful in short growing cycles as there is no harvest interval required.

Algifol™ is used around the world on various different vegetables with exceptional and consistent results every year, in our opinion thousands of growers can't be wrong.


Algifol™ can be used as a root drench on new plants to help reduce transplant shock and encouraging early root growth for better nutrient uptake producing healthy plants for the whole growing season.

Algifol™ Applied at 1 litre per hectare throughout the growing season at up to 4 times is recommended depending on the length of the season. On fruit trees 0.5 litre can be applied up to 8 times per hectare, this is possible by adding Algifol™ to other fungicides as mentioned before. This little and often approach helps to maintain the plants natural defences against pest and disease attacks, as with vegetables the synergistic effects are improved.

Algifol™ requires no harvest interval which is very useful on all fruits.

Tests prove Algifol™ not only increases yield and quality but can have an effect on taste and aroma as well as extended self life.