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Sunday, 05 April 2020

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What is Algifol™?


What is Algifol™ used on?

  • Potatoes.
  • Fruit & Vegetables.
  • Sugar beet.
  • Cereals/oilseed rape.
  • Nursery stock.
  • Gardens & Lawns.
  • Plus much more.

What does it do?

Achieves Amazing results by:

  • Developing stronger roots and a larger root mass.
  • Building a high resistance against cold, drought and heat.
  • Protecting from effects of stress from insects.
  • Reducing the amount of irrigation water needed.
  • Improving tast and appearance of fruit and vegetables.
  • Assisting plant development in critical growth stages.


How do you use Algifol™?

Algifol™ is easy to use and compatable with other pesticides and fungicides, Algifol™ can be applied using a tractor mounted sprayer, knapsack or through irrigation equipment.
Algifol™ can be used as a seed treatment or root drench (see application rates).


Algifol™ is non toxic and free from harmful residues, it is environmentally friendly and organic in accordance with eec regulation 2092/91, annex II, as validated by BCS Öko-Garantie GMBH.

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